Friday, 23 March 2018

all about me A-Z

This week in rimu I have been learning to do my very own DLO-Digital learning object. We have been looking at other blogs to help us get ideas about introducing myself. Making my DLO was easy to do. Hope you enjoy my DLO about me.


  1. Wow Jesse! You have presented some eye catching slides that show some of your interests in pictures. You have presented lots of things that are your favourites but you have not stated why they are your favourites. I bet the details would be very interested.

    Now I guess you will need to eat lots of different vegetables to find your favourite as soon as possible. :-)

  2. Talofa my name is Dazharn from Waikowhai Primary School. I like it how you use Michael Jackson in your all about me because Michael Jackson is my favourite singer and dancer. I made a poster about Michael Jackson when I first took my Chromebook home. Next time you could Make you writing a Little bit bigger because I could barely read some of your sentences. can you please come check out my blog at blog you later. This is the Samoan version of it.

    Talofa loʻu igoa o Dazharn mai le aoga tulagalua a Waikowhai. Ou te fiafia i le ala e te faʻaaogaina ai Michael Jackson i au mea uma ona o Michael Jackson o laʻu pese fiafia tele ma le siva. Na ou faia se pepa lautele e uiga ia Michael Jackson ina ua ou alu muamua i loʻu fale Chromebook. O le isi taimi e mafai ai ona e faia se mea e te tusia ai sina laʻititi ona e le mafai ona ou faitauina nisi o au fuaiupu. faamolemole sau sau sau siaki loʻu blog i le blog oe mulimuli ane


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